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    There are different kinds of pest which prevail inside and outside your home creating a potential danger to your family. When you are inside your house the place where you rest and sleep also nests insects such as bed bugs and you are unaware of such intruders. When you are outside or your children are playing outside of your house, they are exposed to danger for getting bitten from Wasp and or Bees. We, Exterminator Staten Island provides Pest control Staten Island and we take care of your all such pest problems.

    You might get back to your home for a sound sleep and rest, but there are pest which wait inside your furniture for you. Bed bugs are parasitic insects and can be easily found on your beds, cushions, furniture, carpets and mats and cause high irritation and rashes to skin and at times they bite on your skin to suck blood. Their bite is unnoticeable and they often leave harmful bacteria that they carry on themselves which causes allergy and can make you and your family ill. This happens most of the time when you are asleep and they attack mostly the surface of body that is exposed such as neck, face, arms and feet as well. We are the experts and provide solutions to take care of your pest problems as we Pest control Staten Island.

    Flies though do not seem to be dangerous but they are a mode of transfer of bacteria from one place to another. Flies can often be seen flying randomly in search of food. They feed on raw, cooked, decaying almost anything that they try to taste with their legs and taste buds, and carry along bacteria that are harmful for your health. They are never seen one at a time, presence of one is an indication of presence of a complete swarm around, if they are not taken care of well in time, they can cover up your place in very large number. Exterminator Staten Island take care of the problem of flies and assures you healthy leaving.

    Unlike the danger that is inside, there is a greater exposure to more aggressive and arrogant danger that waits for you, just outside your house. These are Wasps and Bees. Wasp and Bees generally make nest beneath beams, supports in sheds and garages. They also find places under trees and cavities in or between buildings. These nests are a potential danger to the society, especially to your home it is nearby. Children many a times tease these wasps and bees by throwing a stone on it which disturbs them and they become very aggressive and they start biting. These are very sensitive to danger, on sensing danger they become offensive. Moreover, these wasp and bees lives in colonies, so whenever the attack happens, hundreds, thousands attack all together.

    If you have such nest at your place you can contact us for Pest control Staten Island. With our well trained team of experts from Exterminator Staten Island can safely take care of your problem and can protect you, your family and neighbor.

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