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    Ants are basically social insects which lives together in colonies consisting of hundred to millions ants. Ants nesting inside the house is the most difficult to control because to trace their nests cannot be done by an ordinary person. This is where our ant's exterminator NY comes to your rescue to make your home free from ants. Unlike other pests ants cannot be home treated by us because if you spray on the nest the multiple NY if any, moves out and form a new nest inside the house which will create more problems.

    We are the only company to have qualified myrmecology that does the inspection and assessment of the infestation site and studies the invading species, their pathways and the size of their nests. Then they prepare a proper strategy on how to implement sanitation, proofing and baiting. The execution team does all the proofing by sealing all the cracks and holes in the house and sanitizes the entire pathway of the ants then applies the bait with slow acting pesticides so that it spreads throughout the colony and kills the entire nests.

    We are the only company which involves the customer to join the treatment process and teach him to identify different termite infested areas and on how to execute the termite bait so that they themselves can do Termite Pest Control and take preventive measures in the future.

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