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    Elders recommend following statement to the lesser experienced men. "Never fight bed bugs on your own". This is true but sadly no one follows it at first. Apparently bed bugs look tiny and helpless in front of you but in reality they are stronger. They are more powerful because they reproduce so rapidly with each female bed bug giving five eggs a day. There dispersion and hiding abilities save them from your `ordinary pesticides'.

    Prevention is often said to be better than cure so we will treat your premises and ward off any incursions by pests.

    Exterminator NY prides itself in providing safe and eco-friendly treatment in eliminating fleas. We are loaded with equipments and insecticides that kill fleas without harming the hosts. To do this, we use special growth regulator hormones that instantly stop growth of pupae eliminating them at initial stage of production. Unlike other fleas exterminator NY companies, we do not say `good bye' even if we are done with our job.

    Bed Bugs 10311 in Staten Island
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