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    We are the only company in NY offering different types of cost effective solutions for rodent control. Company's priority and focus to provide effective and permanent solution to clients has made us the number one choice of customers throughout the state. In exterminator NY we have solutions for your entire rodent problem irrespective of the species.

    Major problem arises when both these unwanted pests invade you home and surroundings and disturb your peaceful life. Then you are really in need of a real professional company. Exterminator New York comes to your rescue here with a specialized wing called rat exterminator pest control New York whose main job is to eradicate multiple infestations.

    It was the sudden exodus of termites into the city which prompted Exterminator NY to form a Termite Exterminator NY wing and adopt a system called integrated termite Management which provides environmentally friendly solutions for treating and controlling termites.

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    Prevention is often said to be better than cure so we will treat your premises and ward off any incursions by pests.

    Indoor moths prefer to stay in warmer homes like you have got one! They love to hide in folding of clothes in darker areas. Some of these moths also feed on grains or on carbohydrates rich food content. Once they cause infestation in storage foods, they are now unhygienic to be eaten. Their dirty, filthy eggs can mix with your food and then can go right in your gut.

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